Peeling Tomatoes for Sauce

If you like to use fresh tomatoes for pasta sauce, you should be sure to remove the skins. To easily remove skins, simply boil the tomatoes until the skin cracks.

6 years ago

Roasted Garlic

Roasting garlic is simple and yields one of the most savory and delicious ingredients for other recipes, such as potato leak soup, roast garlic mayonnaise, garlic bread, etc. Roasted garlic has a much mellower flavor as most of the pungency is roasted away. It is also transformed into a butter-like paste. You just squirt it out of the paper!
This takes about an hour, and it’s well worth the wait! I’m an addict.

9 years ago

Wax Paper and a Baking Pan

Want a cleaner, easier way to grease your baking pans? My grandmother taught me this when I made my first cake back in elementary school. All you need is some fat (butter or shortening), some scissors, and some wax paper.

9 years ago