About the Family

Food is the epicenter of my family’s universe. Not to sound like one of those cheesy bios from the side of a cheap wine box, but the Ricco’s have  cultivated generations and generations of recipes and fond memories gathered around the dining room table. To give you an idea of the importance of food to this family: the first time I visited family in California, my father packed me a secondary suitcase (of course, before they charged you for them) full of 20lb bricks of Pecorino Romano, fresh ravioli and about 30 loaves of Italian bread. Apparently they don’t have  a Vito’s Bakery or a Di Palo’s in California.

I share this love of food – I would say I’m kind of like Remy from the movie Ratatouille, except I’m not a rat. 🙂 The love stems from my Italian-born grandmother who has been highly successful in sharing her passion for cooking and italian culture with my father and with me, her eldest granddaughter.

My name is Jessie. Welcome to our kitchen…

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